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Revive Youth Group mission

To equip the next generation with a fire and passion for seeing the lost come to know jesus. We beleive the next great move of God will start with our youth and our goal is to make them ready for such an awesome responsibility. Revive is a place students can encounter Jesus through worship, the Word and Godly fellowship.

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Our Goal 

To creat an atmoshphere for students to truly fall in love with Jesus and live life in a way that begs the question; "What is different about you?" We want to make Jesus famous and undeniable in the lives of our students.

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What is Youth Group like?

You will have great fun while meeting great friends and having many adventures throughout the year. There are games, activities, food, and special events and all while learning about what it means to be a true Christian and fellowship with other true believers in Christ. Your experiences in Revive Youth Group will be some of the most positive expereinces of your life. We can't wait to meet you. See you this Wednesday at 7 PM.


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When is Youth Group?

Every Wednesday from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Youth Pastors

Cody and Heather Joplin

Fun Games

Something For Everyone


Pizza, Snacks, fellowship